Plan A Visit


Service Time

Join us for worship every Sunday at 10:15 a.m.

Location Parking

1103 Chamberlain Highway
Kensington, CT 06037

Enter the Circle

Enter the circle and park at the top or turn right and use the lower lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go when I get there?

After you park, simply enter through the big doors at the front of the church. We’ll have greeters at the door who will welcome you.

How long is the service?

Our services last approximately 60 minutes every Sunday. You will recognize some elements of a traditional service. We have lively music an engaging message from Pastor Joe and we have communion weekly.

During the service, feel free to participate however you’d like. If you want to sit down and listen, feel free to do so. If you want to stand or raise your hands to sing, you can do that too.

What do I wear?

Want to wear shorts and a t-shirt? Awesome! Looking to dress up a bit for church? Sounds good to us. At Prince of Peace, you can dress however you feel comfortable.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! Your child at any age is welcome to worship. If they run around that is fine. If they sit and color or play with toys that is fine. We also have a play room available to children as well.

Will you ask for my money?

No. At Prince of Peace, we want to live generous lives, and invite people who support our mission to give as they feel led. We have no expectation for guests to give.

Can I attend if I’m____________?

Yes. Fill in the blank with whatever you’re worried about: single, divorced, gay, straight, white, black, addicted, hurting, poor, super-successful, a nonbeliever, atheist, New York Jets fan, etc. At Prince of Peace, we’ll welcome you as you are, so come visit us this Sunday!

The people of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church are committed to spreading the good news of God’s love with the people of the Greater Berlin area.